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2P Series Two Piece Cartridge Comparator


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SHED 2P series Two Piece Cartridge Comparator.

I have wanted to build a new simplified yet accurate comparator for a while. The new design had to offer the same alignment features as the three piece comparator system to ensure the upper and lower tools were always perfectly in line, plus still give the accuracy the three section system did and here it is.

The upper and lower interlock via registers to ensure they are perfectly aligned and they attach to the callipers with thumbs screws, the slot is sized to be a snug fit on callipers so they do not move and the grooves are offset so they can only go onto the callipers in one position, A stainless M5 grub screw is also fitted and it can be tightened to fine tune the comparator if needed, I added this feature after coming across some callipers that the jaws were slightly sprung on, they closed perfectly and zeroed but were slightly bowed in the long axis. The grub screw seems to help however a gentle twist of the comparator once in the jaws also does the job.

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