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EDI-T P4 Head Hunter - Pro Hunting Pack


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EDI-T P4 Head Hunter - Pro Hunting Pack

EDI-T P4 Head Hunter, Pro Hunting Pack - P4 Head Hunter + Pro Charger Pack + Acetyl Weapons Mount + Pressure Switch

The P4 can be carried in a hand bag, pocket, in the car or just about anywhere! - Or mount it onto your gun with the single thumb screw acetyl mount in seconds. Screw on the pressure switch and you're ready to hunt those pesky introduced species. 

P4 Head Hunter Features:

 Finish: Hard anodize smooth

 Weight: 88g

 Power: 3AAA or 1 x 18650 Batteries

 Light Source: Q5 cree chip &ndash approx. 260 &ndash 320 Lumens

 Focus: 25mm optical aspherical lens

 Adjustable focus: push-pull adjust

 Dimensions: 124mm x 27mm

 Switch: Tactical On/Off Switch (Momentary On/On/Off)

Sturdy cordura duty pouch


Water and dust resistant

 Colour: Tactical Black

What's included in the Pro Hunter Pack:
1 x P4-HeadHunter Adjustable spotlight torch complete

1 x Lanyard
1 x Soft Shell Zip carry bag

1 x Quick Release Acetyl weapons mount

1 x Rat tail pressure switch

3 x AAA batteries

1 x 18650 rechargeable battery*

1 x USB enabled Battery Charger

1 x AC 240v USB enabled AU wall plug

1 x DC 12-24 to 5v USB enabled in-car plug

1 x USB charger cable

*Battery not included if purchased from outside Australia due to Air Freight restrictions.

**Props and picture accessories not included.


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