CG Mod 22 Trigger With Safety And Bolt Release For Rem 700


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The CG  22 2-stage Universal Trigger is a true completely adjustable 2-stage trigger that will attach to a Remington 700 or Rem.700/40X Clones.

The Mod 22 trigger is a true 2 stage, 4 lever trigger for Remington 700 actions and those clonesthat model much of the Remington geometry. With a re-designed upper frame to fit into the receiver with 2 cross pins, clearance problems with internal box magazines like BDL rifles or those withdetachable box magazines have been eliminated!

Since it uses a 3.5mm Anschutz type trigger rail, any Anschutz 54 trigger shoe will fit. Adjustable pull weights from 10oz to over 63 oz! It can also be adjusted to be used as a single stage trigger.

This is the best, most well designed trigger we've ever seen for Rem. 700.  No modifications required to install for liability reasons have a gunsmith install/adjust it.

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