Hornady Lock-N-Load Bench Rest Powder Measure


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Change powders and settings with the push of a button. Meter powder charges from .5 to 75 grains with the proper accessories. Features: Push button release which allows quick change of the metering inserts. Adjustable tension - an "O" ring allows a slight amount of tension on the metering unit to make fine, incremental adjustments. Precision tolerance of .002" between drum and rotor to eliminate powder binding between frame and drum. Small and large drop tubes plus mounting plate included. Stand sold separately.

Technical Information


Aluminum and Steel Body Plastic Powder Hopper

Notes: Standard unit comes with the standard metering unit which throws charges from 0-75 grains The Rifle Micrometer Metering Insert throws from 0-75 grains, sold separately The Small Pistol Metering Unit throws from 0-10 grains, sold separately The Pistol Micrometer Metering Unit throws from 0-10 grains, sold separately Mounting plate included. Standard "Lock-N-Load" metering insert included. Allows changing powder meters with the push of the release button. Features standard 7/8-14 threads for mounting in any standard press.

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